Monday, 28 June 2010

Chic FASH Summer Totes

Yikes! It is sooooooooooo Hottt in London. Although as many Malaysians can testify not as hot as Malaysia, do remember that air-conditioning is not common here. We are almost put off from the Summer Sale as you we don't want to roast in the Sun. But we couldn't resist snooping around for the greatest bargains.

We have just the thing to tote around on a hot Summer's day. A good every day tote, with excellent bling factor without the bling price tag. And as light as a feather. Because sometimes it just gets too hot bring around a leather bag.

Harrod's Dionne Tote Bag
RM75 / £15 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Regular Retail Price £20
Available in 3 colours: Silver (SOLD), Gold & Metallic Pink (SOLD)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Anya London

Whoooops! We've had so many special orders lately that we did not have the time to upload pictures of our recent outlet purchases. Quite a number of fashies have emailed or FB messaged us to update the blog.

On our recent outlet visits, we really made sure that we find beautiful bags with a reasonable price tag. And that is no mean feat. We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitively priced blogshops from across the pond. We've worked out the optimum FASH price which equals massive savings for the fashies and lucrative for us at the same time.

And the hunt is only beginning. Summer Sale has begun and we are ready to pounce on the best designer bargains...Watch this space! Till then, grab this Anya Hindmarch at an unbelievable low price.

Designer FASH
Anya Hindmarch Jackson in Off White
RM1450 / £290 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Regular Retail Price £625
Only 1 available (SOLD)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ab Fab FASH Orders

We've had an influx of orders as of late...The Malaysian fashies truly taking advantage of the weak sterling and the strong ringgit...

Alas, FASH are unable to enjoy this favourable exchange rate as we live here..*sigh*

But we're happy enough to shop for the all natural buzz from retail therapy. All sorts of absolutely faboulous orders have come through lately, big, small, bags, shoes, England Jersey and even an Iphone 4! What the fashies want, the fashies get...

Designer FASH
Chanel Maxi Classic Flap (XXL)
RM11,150 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

Designer FASH
Mulberry Bayswater
RM3450 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

Designer FASH
Longchamp Le Pliage
Starting from RM155 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

Goddiva Dresses (
Starting from RM90 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

Friday, 4 June 2010

Tod's Pashmy - SOLD!

Some of you are wondering if we have run out of bags to offer to the fashies. On the contrary! We have quite a few that we didn't even have time to upload on the blog...And don't forget we still have quite a few other bags available from Chanel, Burberry, Anya Hindmarch etc. Look under 'Items Still Available'.

Before we went to the outlets recently, we compiled a list of requests from the fashies. Quite a number have been waiting for a Tod's bag. So once we got one, we emailed a picture to these lovely fashies. And it was snapped up instantaneously! We even tried to get another one for another fashie, but it was sold out.

Not too worry, we have a few more bags and will be putting it up on the blog soon. Watch out for it!

Designer FASH
Tod's New Pashmy Shopping Media
RM1600 / £320 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available (SOLD)