Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fancy something on a UK website? Let FASH do all the work for you....

This is inspired by a very loyal fashie, AN. With customers like her who stand by us and continually challenge us, we can only get better.

She suggested on the chatbox that we put up links to UK sites, which FASH customers can browse through. From there, they can request a quote from FASH inclusive of all charges to deliver to their home. So we've compiled a list of UK sites, that do not deliver to Malaysia, which you can window shop in the comfort of your own home.

List of UK sites: - Designer goods at smart prices - Funky Casual Wear - Designer brands at discounted prices - trendy looks for less - the ultimate store for everyone - the online trendsetter - feminine and flirty looks - Glamour wear - Bling bling heaven - Understated Elegance - Quintessentially English Fashion - Classic Baby Wear - Luxury English Casual Wear for Men - Latest looks in Plus size - Top Quality Excercise and Casual Wear - Something for everyone

So sit back and enjoy your retail therapy at home or in the office and we'll be ready to entertain any requests for quotes.


  1. ~ OH MY! im sure gonna love it! ;) ~

  2. Hi, do you guys take orders from Urban Outfitters too? I'd really like to buy stuff from there.

  3. Yes of course, you can order from any UK based website. Thank you for also suggesting Urban Outfitters. It's already on the list now...