Thursday, 15 October 2009

Neutral Hues......

Sooooooooooooooorrry for the long absence....One half of FASH had "The" dreaded flu and so we lost our mojo for a bit....

We have to say though...we are feeling rather pleased with ourselves..No doubt there are better online retailers than us in terms of site quality or collection of wares...But we can still pride ourselves of charging a fair price for our goods. That we can assure you, will always and forever be FASH company mission. What's the point of buying something off the internet at exhorbitant prices, right? Might as well go to the snooty boutiques and get your money's worth by bossing around the equally snooty assistants! LOL!

We have three tops in subtle neutral hues for those of you who just like us, want to blend in the crowd every once in awhile...Good for days when you are feeling under the weather...

Primark One Shoulder Top
RM120 / £20 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
4 available
Champagne - UK 8, 10, 12
Hot Pink - UK 8 (SOLD)

Primark Champagne Power Shoulder with Belt
RM77/ £13 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available in UK 8 (SOLD)

Primark Top with Lace
RM77 / £13 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 2 available
UK 8 in Black
UK 10 in Champagne (Pictured)

Asos Festival Vintage Hip Belt
RM48 / £8.50 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available (SOLD)

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