Monday, 9 November 2009

FASH Patriotism....

Being in London, a city so cosmopolitan, small wonder that you find a mini version of any country lurking in it. As we are so far away from home, it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling everytime we attend any Malaysian organized gathering.

The recent two events held at the iconic Malaysia Hall in Bayswater were no exception. Partly due to the food, of course. Any Malaysian gathering is not complete without an array of food being served. And not just finger food and sandwiches....Oh no...It does not matter if the invite says 3 am. You will still be served starters, main course and dessert...LOL!

Lucky for us, our friend and compatriot, DI never fails to invite us for these meet the VIPs session. Ever since we decided to foray into the fast-moving internet selling world, we appreciate the networking that occurs in these events. It feels that the stars are aligned as we always seem to meet strong powerful men and women who inspire us.

Waiting for the Ministers to arrive

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Youth and Sports Minister to kick off the Rakan Muda event

FASH with Former State Chief Minister

FASH & Friend

FASH with the Youth & Sports Minister and PKC, a fellow entrepreneur based in London

We dutifully accessorized our outfits with the badges handed out during the event as modelled by FA

Hari Raya Breakfast with Deputy Minister of Education

As you can see, Malaysian-style breakfast can fill you up until dinner time...

Good speech by the Deputy Minister about the struggles of rural school children

SH with the Deputy Minister, his lovely wife and Malaysian students


  1. both of u are beutiful n gojesss!! :)

  2. the first photo, the front it zaharah othman aka kakz?