Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Can't Get Enough of Designer FASH?

There's nothing like having designer pieces in your wardrobe. We at FASH, make it our mission to help you indulge in your designer retail therapy at the comfort of your own home....isn't that nice?

Some of you have asked for more pictures or details of the FASH stuff. From now on we will put more detailed pictures, descriptions and measurements. Of course we understand that buying through the internet, you want as much information as possible because the item is not in front of you.

Our intention is to have repeat customers, recommendations, a good reputation and credibility. Our products will always be guaranteed top quality and bonafide brands. No reproduction, replicas or knock-offs sold here. FASH is making it our business for our customers to take advantage of the price differential between Malaysia and the UK for branded items (e.g. Anya Hindmarch, Louis Vuitton) and selling fashion items that are unavaible in Malaysia and the UK (e.g. Primark, Next, H & M and we plan to bring batik pieces in the future).

If you want more details, just ask and we will send you more pictures and descriptions, no problems. Anything for our customers...

Don't forget, we also do special orders whereby you can ask us to look for any item, a handbag for instance and for a small fee, we buy it and courier to you. This ensures that your items is delivered to your and it is fully insured.

Previously we showcased a bronze Anya Hindmarch handbag. This has generated alot of interest and this particular handbag has been reserved for a FASH customer. We have a similar handbag still available for you. Both of these handbags are very big and roomy and can even fit a laptop and documents if necessary. We've uploaded pictures of all the details of these handbags. But if you need anymore to make a decision, don't hesitate to ask.

Designer FASH
Anya Hindmarch Elrod Mettalic Leather Handbag
RM2000.00 / £350.00 (Regular Retail Price in the UK is £625.00)
2 available, Jumbo in Bronze (reserved) and Jumbo in Gold (SOLD)
Measurements: Height from top of handle to bottom of bag - 22 inches/56 cm, Length - 17 inches/43 cm, Width - 5.5 inches/14 cm

The next handbag we have is an Orange Leather Tod's handbag. It is medium sized, full leather and has 3 separate compartments, one with a zip. Very practical! Don't you just love it?

Designer FASH
Tod's Orange Leather Handbag
RM2100.00 / £395.00 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Regular Retail Price is £590.00
Only 1 available (SOLD)
Measurements: Height - 13 inches/33 cm, Width - 5.5 inches/14 cm, Length - 14 inches/36 cm

This dress is so fabulous and yet such a steal! It is metallic mustard green satin and has beaded detail underneath the bust and at the hem. The dress looks and it feels like its double the price....Grab it before it goes!

Designer FASH
Hunters and Gatherers Mettalic Green Beaded Dress (with adustable straps)
RM190.00 / £36.00 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available, Size S
Measurements: Length when straps is at its shortest - 36 inches/92 cm, Length when straps fully extended - 41 inches/104cm, Bust 32 inches/81 cm, Waist 34 inches/87 cm, Hips 46 inches/117 cm

In October 2008, Marks and Spencer launched Patricia Field’s Sex and the City collection, in London. It sold out within a week! For those who don’t know, Patricia Field was in charge of all the sexy yummy looks for the Sex and the City show. Trust FASH to have one dress available when the whole of UK is sold out!

Designer FASH
Patricia Field's Sex and City Collection for Marks and Spencer (One time collection in 2008) Printed Jersey One Shoulder Dress (Back) RM320.00 / £60.00 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available, Size 6
Sold out in all Marks and Spencer stores
Measurements: Bust 26 inches/64 cm, Waist 24 inches/61 cm, Hips 60 inches/76 cm

Who doesn't love Ferragamo shoes. Timeless Elegance.. This particular pair is in Malaysia already so any of our Malaysian customers can get a hold of this almost immediately.
Designer FASH
Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Black Patent Shoes
RM1200 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Regular Retail Price RM1600
Only 1 available, Size 6 C (US), Europe 36.5, British 3.5
Measurements: 9 inches/23 cm

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