Tuesday, 19 May 2009

NEW FASH! NEW FASH! - Part II Mini FASH (Kids)

We had a brilliant day today! We had lots of words of encouragement (and orders) from friends, family and strangers and we're very grateful. One email stood out in particular. Thank you, DR for all your kind words. You know who you are...

We don't have alot of stuff yet for the Mini FASH range right now...but we'll definitely get more and we'll add to this article ASAP.

Till then check out what we do have...

We went to check out Anya Hindmarch for some more handbags as the two we featured earlier were grabbed up almost immediately. There were some great deals, which we will tell you in a future post. While we were browsing, we couldn't help but gravitate towards the children's stuff. Anyone who has children or has children in their life in one way or another will tell you that shopping for children is even more satifying at times than buying for oneself (unless there's Hermes involved, LOL). Really!

And yes, Anya Hindmarch has items for kids. Very cute items, I might add. Look how adorable the two kaftan tops are (shown below). Your kid would probably be the only ones on the block wearing it...Oh yes, and the tiny espadrilles too. But at Nike prices....beat that!

Anya Hindmarch Girl's Kaftan Top
RM170.00 / £32.00 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Regular Retail Price is £85.00
Only 2 available, Dark Purple (Age 2 - 4, RESERVED) and Lilac (Age 6-8, SOLD)

Anya Hindmarch Girl's Espadrilles
RM93.00 / £16.00 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available, Children's Size 24

We also have 2 pairs of shoes from Monsoon. Don't you wish Monsoon made adult sizes for these shoes!

Monsoon Lace Ankle Button Ballerina Shoes
RMR52.00 / £9.50 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 2 pairs available, Children's Size 13/1 (Both SOLD)
Note: Earlier we advertised only 1 pair available. A customer requested for another and we managed to get a pair for her.

Monsoon Baby Ballerina Shoes
RM37.00 / £6.80 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available, Children's Size 3

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