Monday, 7 December 2009

FASH Affairs in November 2009

It's freezing cold, wet and windy here in London town....and every single day you feel like just curling into a ball and staying at home with the heaters on full blast.. But we don't have the luxury of doing that as we have soooooooo many Mum-duties and FASH-duties...and the best way to combat the winter blues is to leave the house and keep ourselves busy!

On the same evening after Jimmy Choo for H & M was launched, we went to support our friend who was selling Malaysian-style Tudungs/Scarves at an Islamic Fashion Show in Richmond, Surrey. It was such an eye-opener to see the differing styles of Islamic Fashion available in London custom made by Muslims from many different countries.

If it is your lucky day, walking about London, you might just bump into a famous celebrity. Even better, Selfridges held a Celebrity Charity Garage Sale recently! Fabulous! FASH had the opportunity to meet loads of celebrities at one go! Yes!

Albeit, most people below 25 could not recognize most of the celebrities selling their cast offs on that day...but trust us..these people were a big deal many moons ago. To top it all off, we bought quite a few of their pre-loved designer stuff at a steal....Admittedly, our intention was to sell it on FASH...we even managed to get autographed paper bags to go along with the goods. We do apologize, we decided to keep it...for now..Maybe one day we'll change our minds.

The Oh -So-Lovely Jamie Redknapp and Simon Le Bon

FASH with Louis Redknapp (formerly of All Saints)

Trinny Woodall of 'What Not To Wear' Show/Book

Socialite Tamara Beckwith with Sh's daughter

Denise Van Outen (TV/Radio Presenter but also infamously known as Jay Kay's Ex)

Former Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon (Superhot 50 year old!!)

Sh and HA & daughter at the Islamic Fashion Event in Richmond, Surrey

HA's Stall

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