Sunday, 13 December 2009

Private Sample Sale for FASH & Friends at Jimmy Choo Couture

FASH was invited to bring a few friends for a Private Sample Sale at Jimmy Choo Couture in Connaught Street, London, just steps away from Tony Blair's Central London home. Of course we leapt at the chance...We just had one small request, that Dato' Jimmy Choo would drop by and say hello....and..and..sign our shoes, of course!

Being the man that he is, Dato' Jimmy Choo, not only was there, we were given VIP treatment by him, his wife and his staff. Also he took us on a private tour of his workshop underneath the boutique. But the real stars of the day was none other than the lovingly handmade Choos.......As comfy and UGGs and almost too beautiful to wear.

All of us are still buzzing about our purchases and can't wait to go back again....soon..real soon...

All the Choos laid out beautifully for FASH & Friends

FASH trying out the shoes in front of the mirror

FASH Friends trying on every single pair

Sh and Dato' Jimmy Choo

Fa with Dato' Jimmy Choo

FASH with Dato' Jimmy Choo and UK based Malaysian Artist AN

FASH & Friends with The Man

Fa with the lovely JC's wife

Sh with JC's wife

Tour of the workshop beneath the boutique

The bounty of shoes all of us bought that evening...

Each one signed by The Designer

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