Sunday, 17 January 2010

FASH Does Birkin - Coup D'etat!

Helloooooo!! don't need to do a double-take...Read it and weep.We just sold a Birkin to a The Ultimate Male Fashie who purchased it as a Valentine surprise for his incredibly lucky wife.We would kill to be in her shoes right now! Best of all, the wife is completely unaware!! Some people seriously have all the luck. Believe you me, our hubbies have not heard the end of this.

For those in the know, an Hermes Birkin is probably the most elusive handbag to purchase. Hermes only opens up the list to order a Birkin for a few hours in any given year. On top of that, even the staff are not told when the list is open. It is almost pure luck to be able to order one, unless of course you are the ultimate fashionista like Posh Beckham, who has 100 Birkins. Jealous!!! In Malaysia and Singapore, you have to wait 18 months to 3 years for your Birkin to arrive.

How did we do it?? Now that's a trade secret..What we can share with you is that we managed to order a Birkin for a fashie recently. When we got the call to pick up the bag, due to personal reasons the fashie was not able to proceed with the purchase. Hermes only allows a really limited time before they sell it to someone else. We decided to advertise it on our Facebook Status Update. Within an hour, we had more than 30 enquiries. In 2 hours, we agreed on the sale and the The Ultimate Male Fashie banked in the total amount on the same day. Taaa Daaah!

Anyway....until the 'Valentine Birkin' is personally hand-delivered by First Class to the The Ultimate Male Fashie, we took the opportunity to take some pictures and drool endlessly at the Birkin...and share it with all the fashies...

'The Bag'


  1. owh! the bag so gorgeous! Jealous and drooling at the same time...hahaa

  2. uhhh awesome "her mess" & "beautiful" value indeed!!what's is really figure ?£ for it? All the best ladies!!!!

  3. the most expensive bag ever!!