Sunday, 3 January 2010

Oh Coco....

For all the travelling we do, we make sure that we are back in London in January and July. Oh can certainly try, but you will not succeed in dragging us away from 'The Sale'...Not just any sale, THE CHANEL SALE.....

Alot of fashies might be wondering, Chanel has a sale? Oh yes they do..but as most countries only have 1 or 2 stores with limited stock, what goes on sale could be only 2 or 3 bags. In London, one of the fashion capitals of the world, where Chanel has 6 stores, quite a bit of past season stock goes on sale. We're not sure how long Chanel started giving discounts, but that is a much better option than the rumour that they burn unsold stock to maintain their exclusivity. Can you imagine???

Of late, Chanel is probably the most coveted brand for handbags. Of course, Hermes can boast to make the most wanted bag but for most, due to their exhorbitant price range and strict waiting list, an Hermes bag is simply out of reach. Chanel on the other hand is a luxury brand that you can definitely get your hands on. But let us forewarn you, this will not be for long.

Every single time we have a special request for Chanel classic, it is sold out. A brand new Chanel classic bag is like gold dust. And this time around, the Chanel bags on sale were much less than previous years. The reality is, a Chanel bag is a must-have....and they can't make it fast enough to meet the ever burgeoning demand.

But FASH always has something up our sleeves. We are offering fashies the chance to order a Chanel bag. But be quick! We can guarantee that it is sold out in 2 days.

Designer FASH
Chanel Union Jack Quilted Clutch Bag
RM3,950 /£660 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order before 05/01/2010

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