Sunday, 9 August 2009

FASH Happenings.....

Hi! Hi! Hi!

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, FASH and our friend WA went all out for the Youthopia Bazaar! We were so amazed by the response! And we are definitely hooked on this bazaar selling. It was our first bazaar and it was a good learning experience. Fingers crossed, FASH and WA will be at another bazaar this Sunday, August 16, 2009. FASH will keep you posted!

We are soooooooooo happy that with the total sales for just one day at a bazaar . Who would have thought that 2 not-so-desperate housewives whisked far, far away by our gypsy-career hubbies could do all this in between the groceries and the school run and during the summer break in KL. By far, we were not the first to do this and we won't be the last. But we stand proud to be among the many, many Malaysians who are involved in this thriving cyber-shopping world.

See below for some pictures of FASH at the Youthopia Bazaar.

FASH Lunch meeting a day before the Bazaar

FASH Bunting

FASH & Friend (WA) who was also our first customer...

FASH Booth at Youthopia Bazaar

Sh sweating it out at the Bazaar

Fa putting on her best sales pitch

We had sooooo many things on offer, there was hardly any space to put it!

Thank you for all your loving support at the Bazaar! Do come and join us for our next one!


  1. sh,
    i missed this one!!! can't make it the other day :-(

  2. Hi N.I,

    Nevermind...we'll catch up the next time I'm back..