Monday, 17 August 2009

Rolling with Rollasoles...............

Quite awhile ago, a fashie asked us to get her this cute ballet pumps that rolls into a ball and is mostly sold in UK clubs called Rollasoles....The idea is, after a long night of dancing the night away in sky high stilettos, you get a pair of Rollasoles from the vending machine and you slip into something more comfortable to wear on the way home. What a cute idea, right?

We decided to order it and bring it back to KL and introduce it to the fashies. When it arrived we were so excited!! We could think of sooooooooo many other uses of Rollasoles in our daily life. You can put one in your bag and bring it anywhere, leave a pair in the car and use it as driving shoes and you can even use it while travelling on a plane, for instance. A pair of Rollasoles also comes with a shoe bag that you can keep your shoes in when you change into the Rollasoles. Marvelous!

It was quite a hit at the Bazaars. We have some left over for all the fashies who couldn't make it to see us...

RM75 / GBP10
Available in Black, Silver, Pink or Gold
Size S (UK 3/4, European 36/37) (Only 1 pair available in Gold)
Size M (UK 5/6, European 38/39)
Size L (UK 7/8, European 40/41)
Complimentary Shoe Bag
Note: Available to Order


  1. i love this 1 in silver..amazing how they can sell via vending machine right...:)

  2. Exactly...It's so cute right!

  3. i do love the gold-shoes in size 7 or 8,still available? do email me at


  4. Hi Ami,

    What size and colour would you like to order?


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  6. includes postage

  7. Ami, can we have your email please to send the Invoice.

    We are going to order today as few others have ordered as well.

    Please revert as soon as possible.


  8. im wearing in size 38/39 in malaysia
    what size should im wearing?