Friday, 21 August 2009

FASH Reviewed by Bag Connoisseur 2.0

Two handbag experts, Elly & Malin from The Bag Connoisseur 2.0 wrote such a nice review of FASH a few days ago.

How wonderful to get recognition for our reasonable prices and our range of items.

Check out the article at The Bag Connoisseur 2.0:

Thank You, Elly & Malin...Special Discount for both of you!


  1. Thanks you guys, but we're definitely no where to becoming experts yet! Just trying to make the world a better place, one handbag at a time. Is it possible? xoxo

  2. Thank you ladies! This time around, Elly brought ur site to my attention. And I love it. We love it! Tq for giving us bagaholics another shopping avenue.