Tuesday, 30 June 2009

ASOS Anyone?

Shopping online is huge here in the UK. Not a lot of people enjoy living in the City primarily as it is expensive, but also because the countryside is so beautiful and serene. Purchasing anything under the sun via ordering off the catalogue has been going on here in the UK for ages before Internet shopping revolutionised the way people shop and perhaps also where they lived. Now you can live in no man's land and still have access to the same goodies as people in the big city.

FASH is a big fan of Asos, an online haven for the savvy, trendy shopper with limited time to browse through the numerous shops on the high street and those who don’t live near any fashionable stores. Although both of us have an abundant of fabulous shops on our doorsteps, Asos allows us to shop in our pee-jays whenever we want...Bliss....

A fashie recently wanted to get a hold of accessories from Asos but to her dismay, they didn’t deliver to Malaysia. Of course, we gladly ordered it for her and it now on its way to KL. We were quite taken by her choice of accessories. Might even order it for ourselves!

Chic FASH Accessories
Asos Assorted Headbands
Starting from RM12 / £2 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

Chic FASH Accessories
Disney Couture 14Ct Gold Plated Bangle
RM205 / £34 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

So if any of you are interested in the stuff from asos or any other UK online shops that do not deliver to where you live, give us a shout. Note, there are a lot of big name sites selling luxury designer goods that do send to all over the world but we have done some price comparisons and through our research, FASH may be able to get you the same or similar items for much less.

For instance this Anya Hindmarch bag was advertised as around £300 including all charges at an ultra-famous website. FASH can get this for you for much less...but it's in gold. I'm sure you can live with that if FASH is saving you £90, right?

Designer FASH
Anya Hindmarch Fifi Straw Tote
RM1260 / £21o (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Only 1 available, in Gold

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