Wednesday, 17 June 2009

FASH Personal Shopping Orders

Apart from being a blogshop, we are also a personal shopper based in London. It is then, our utmost DUTY to fulfill our customer's shopping desires. We've had quite a few requests and we are featuring two recent ones.

A gal pal of ours wanted to get her hands on American Apparel leggings. We went to the store and what she wanted was only available on-line. We ordered it for her, it was sent to Sh's home and we then sent it to her on our last shipment on 15th June.

A male customer was devastated when the KL store that he used to buy die-cast cars from, shut down. He was actually stopping by London but had no time to buy the die-cast car he was coveting. He asked us to order it for him and we then passed it to him.

So just buzz us if you have a personal shopping request. We may just be what was missing in your life....

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