Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tried and Tested by FASH!

We've had quite a number of personal shopping orders recently. In an earlier post we put up pictures of American Apparel leggings that a customer ordered. We also recommended to her one of FASH's best-kept secrets, Tabio denim-style leggings. We have used it to death...it's gone in the wash a million times and it still keeps it's shape. Our preferred choice is the denim leggings with the gold or silver stitching at the side. It looks like the skinny jeans you only dream about!

There are alot out there...but you can't beat Tabio on its quality. Quite pricey, but sure beats buying skinny jeans! And see how they wrapped it? It is a Japanese company after all.

Tabio Denim Look Leggings
RM215 - RM230 / £38 - £41 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
One Size Fits All
Available to order:
Indigo Blue/White/Black/Charcoal Grey (with yellow/gold/silver stitching)
Length: 3/4 or Full

Special order for a fashie

Picture above - Black (looks like Dark Indigo Blue) with Gold Stitching
Picture below - Indigo Blue with Yellow Stitching

A friend was over visiting and decided to try Aussie Hair Care products. She raved about it and proceeded to bring home loads of bottles. Lo and behold, we received an email yesterday asking us whether FASH would accept an order for the same products. There's not alot we would say no to, you know! So this lucky fashie will be getting her beloved Aussie hair care stuff soon.

Another frequent request from friends and family is the hair care range by John Frieda. The most famous product is the Frizz Ease Hair Serum. We have been using it since we were students here in the UK (not that long ago..hiihii)....Now that we are back, we continue using John Frieda. Our top choice for the moment is the styling products for curls...perfect for creating curls with a our latest addiction - the curling iron. LOL!

Aussie Hair Care Products
RM12 - RM58 / £2 - £9 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

John Frieda Collection
RM21 - RM55 / £3.50 - £9 (including postage, delivery and insurance)
Available to order

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