Sunday, 21 June 2009

FASH gets busy.....

FASH loves a good bargain....everyone knows that. We also enjoy new experiences and we will do everything in our power to try something that we have never done before. You only live once, right? Anyone who knows us personally can vouch that we loooooove meeting new people and discussing anything under the sun. Living far from home has also made us overly patriotic, probably homesickness manifested in a positive way....So we try to meet as many Malaysian politicians as we can, just to pick their brain on the latest goings-on of home.

The Summer Sale is in full swing now but the prices will only hit rock-bottom towards the end of the sale. So look out for our offerings in the next few weeks. That didn't stop us from flexing our bargaining muscle...LOL! As mentioned previously, FA just bought her dream car...the negotiator that she is, she wrangled a 2 for 1 deal. Free 911, with a full tank of petrol and congestion charge paid in advance...Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

What did we do? FASH being FASH, we had to head off to the Hermes Sample Sale. The queue was nearly around the block..but it was worth it. We did get good stuff and maybe one day we might offer it on Pre FASH. But not just yet...Sorry! Then straight to pick up FASH company car, if only for a short while. Better than none, right?

FASH with Malaysia's Minister of International Trade and Industry

After Hermes...911 time..

Beeeeg Smile...

Loving it...

Above and Below: FASH with Malaysian Minister of Defense and Wife

Swanning around town with 911 again..

And again...lovely

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